Wool Carpet Cleaning Perth

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Wool Carpet Cleaning Perth

Carpets made from wool are chosen carefully and represent a significant investment both for home owners and commercial establishments. You can protect your investment by maintaining it professionally.

Look After Your Wool Carpets Correctly

Wool is a natural fibre, and when this fibre is used to manufacture carpets or rugs, gives them specific properties. It also has specific vulnerabilities if abused or cleaned with unsuitable products and equipment.
Although wool is robust in some ways, it can easily and sometimes permanently be damaged by incorrect cleaning by untrained operators.

In other words, lots of people can clean Wool carpets, but it takes training and knowledge to do it without harming the carpet in the process.

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Image: The first couple of passes – Steam Cleaning Wool Carpet.

Carpet Cleaning

Image: Part way through a specialised pet urine decontamination process from an expensive Wool carpet.

WoolSafe Cleaning Perth

The WoolSafe Organisation is a cleaning industry service provider that, among several other important things, provides extremely high level training to selected, experienced Technicians.

Aside from passing the Woolsafe course itself (100% pass mark required), these Technicians must have been successfully and professionally cleaning carpets for at least FIVE years to even be allowed to apply for Woolsafe certification.

WoolSafe has been widely recognised since 1991 as the standard for excellence and safety of carpet care chemicals. You can feel assured knowing your PPCS Technician has been trained and certified as a Woolsafe Approved Service Provider.

Wool Carpet Cleaning

Woolsafe approved Cleaning Technicians

Woolsafe approved Cleaning Technicians are given the knowledge and confidence to clean wool carpets, knowing that they are using certified products, which will not only achieve excellent results, but significantly reduce the risk of damage to client property.
Carpet owners wishing to have their carpet professionally cleaned, can entrust their carpets and rugs to WoolSafe certified carpet cleaning Technicians who use WoolSafe-approved products for cleaning and maintaining them.

You can also find us as an approved Service Provider on the Woolsafe app on your smartphone too!

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Peace of mind

We are so confident of our high-quality service that we offer all our clients a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We will happily re-clean your carpet free of charge – If you are not totally satisfied with the service we have provided, within 3 days of completing the clean (any cleaning-related problems will appear inside this time)
For added peace of mind we have current comprehensive insurance policies and police clearances.

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