Q. Do you clean windows, ovens or carpets?

A. Yes we can as one of our optional extras

Q. Can you clean hard water marks off shower screens?

A. Yes, we use a special cleaning product and can usually achieve a dramatic improvement in how your screens look.

Q. I have an allergy to certain cleaning products, what can PPCS do to clean my home?

A. We provide a specialist allergy cleaning service on request. We will discuss your requirements with you and will only use selected natural cleaning products that will not irritate you. We will also only vacuum your home with our high quality Powerhead and HEPA filter equipped vacuum cleaner.

Q. Do I need to provide any equipment or cleaning products?

A. NO. We have EVERYTHING that we need to clean your premises. But if you want us to use your products, we can do that too.

Q. Do I need to be home when you are cleaning?

A. This is up to you. We simply need to arrange with you to have access to the property. All of our staff have current Police clearances and are highly trustworthy, but if you are more comfortable being there that is no problem.

Q. If I have my rental property vacate clean done by PPCS and the real estate company is not satisfied with it will you go back to fix it up?

A. Yes. We will go back and correct any issues at no further cost to you.

Q. Are your cleaners trained and supervised?

A. Yes, we take this seriously. Every single cleaner employed by us is personally vetted by Grace, one of the PPCS Company Directors, to ensure they meet our high standards. She also thoroughly trains each one to clean the way our clients expect and regularly checks their work to guarantee consistent quality of service.

Q. Do you have any accreditations?

A. Yes, we are a member of the Cleaning Council WA, and the Carpet Cleaning Association of WA, also Woolsafe and 3M. CCWA-Logo Woolsafe Approved Service Provider 


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