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Coronovirus COVID-19 Cleaning Perth

Coronovirus Cleaning for Commercial and Residential Properties and Areas

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Decontamination cleaning is of particular concern to many people right now.

Due to our extensive experience in specialised decontamination cleaning, Perth Premium Cleaning Services is one of the ONLY companies in WA that is properly carrying out Coronavirus (COVID-19) decontamination cleaning with approved products.

Obviously, this Virus is new, and global efforts to contain, treat, clean and decontaminate are still under development by all countries.

We have therefore consulted with both the Western Australian Health Department and their American counterparts.

We can carry out Coronavirus (COVID-19) decontamination cleaning – all done to the highest International guidelines available.

We use a food-grade sanitiser that has been tested and proven effective against the Coronavirus specifically, and also other bacteria and viruses.

We can usually respond to a confirmed case within 2 to 6 hours and carry out a suitable process.

We are currently conducting regular precautionary treatments for WA State Government Critical Infrastructure facilities…alongside various commercial and private clients – all in the strictest confidence.

An example of PPCS Technicians quickly fogging an office area to destroy potential COVID-19 contamination

Approximately 10 minutes after the product application, you can resume work in your premises.

We’ve had feedback that after we have sanitised a facility, the staff present feel massively relieved and relaxed compared to what they did prior to our process.

They also are very grateful that their employer cares about them and their employment enough to take this proactive step.

Exact price will have to be assessed and calculated on the day, but generally it will probably be several hundred Dollars (not Thousands) but we need to cover costs.

Specialised decontamination cleaning is often outside the ability of other cleaning companies. Coronavirus (COVID-19) Decontamination cleaning is too important to leave to inexperienced companies.

Perth Premium Cleaning Services has the experience, knowledge and the right equipment to meet all hygiene objectives.

We are ready to respond should our services be required.

Please contact us if you have CONFIRMED cases of the Coronavirus at your premises and we will begin arrangements to assist you.

If you do not yet have a confirmed case, please be patient, as we are swamped with enquiries – as you might imagine.

To Book: Visit our Decontamination Cleaning Page and complete our booking form or call us for more information: 0488 032 199

Our Decontamination Process

Each one of these types of jobs is unique and has its own particular requirements.
We will discuss your requirements with you in detail and will likely also inspect the site before giving you our rate for the job.
There is usually a degree of urgency to complete the decontamination; however, some jobs require additional planning or equipment before we can commence the work. We will clearly explain our schedule and process with you if there are any issues.

Effective outcomes

As previously stated, we follow strict guidelines and protocols for these cleans…But, because there are so many variables and different types of surfaces, sometimes, the final result cannot be known before beginning the job. You will be given information about probable outcomes before the job and updates either during or at the end of the job as needed.
For added peace of mind we have current comprehensive insurance policies and police clearances.

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