Decontamination Cleaning

Decontamination Cleaning

Decontamination Cleaning

Specialised decontamination cleaning is often outside the ability of other cleaning companies.

Perth Premium Cleaning Services has the experience, knowledge and the right equipment to meet all hygiene objectives.

Depending on the particular job, we will work strictly to WA Health Department guidelines or other relevant regulations as needed.

Some recent examples of Decontamination cleans we have done include:

  • COVID-19 Coronavirus decontamination cleaning for a number of clients. This is for both active cases and also precautionary treatments. We are currently conducting regular precautionary treatments for WA State Government Critical Infrastructure facilities…alongside various commercial and private clients – all in the strictest confidence.
  • A large Daycare centre after they had a massive Gastro outbreak, to sanitise and sterilise all surfaces in the building.
  • A special needs learning facility after a toilet overflowed and the bathroom and adjacent building entry were contaminated with raw sewerage.
  • Thorough cleaning of an elderly persons residence after years of neglect and contamination with faeces on walls and floors.
  • Decontamination of an occupied rental property after a pest control company got the details wrong and sprayed pesticides throughout the home (family members became sick and a baby was hospitalised) This involved multiple processes for all hard surfaces and also all carpets and soft furnishings etc.
  • Cleaning up various abandoned and trashed rental properties. Removing all remaining items and thoroughly cleaning all surfaces to allow new tenants to occupy building.
  • Cleaning up after pets were left locked inside a home for several days – causing massive amounts of damage and urine/faeces etc.
  • Cleaning carpets after elderly persons became incontinent on carpets and other surfaces.
  • Treating and removing pet blood, vomit and urine in carpets

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An example of PPCS Technicians quickly fogging an office area to destroy potential COVID-19 contamination

Our Decontamination Process

Each one of these types of jobs is unique and has its own particular requirements.
We will discuss your requirements with you in detail and will likely also inspect the site before giving you our rate for the job.
There is usually a degree of urgency to complete the decontamination; however, some jobs require additional planning or equipment before we can commence the work. We will clearly explain our schedule and process with you if there are any issues.

Effective outcomes

As previously stated, we follow strict guidelines and protocols for these cleans…But,because there are so many variables and different types of surfaces, sometimes, the final result cannot be known before beginning the job. You will be given information about probable outcomes before the job and updates either during or at the end of the job as needed.
For added peace of mind we have current comprehensive insurance policies and police clearances.

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