Outdoor Pressure Cleaning

Outdoor Pressure Cleaning

Outdoor Pressure Cleaning

Perth Premium Cleaning Services has new equipment which fully services outdoor pressure cleaning for homes and commercial properties.

Outdoor pressure cleaning is an ideal solution to brightening up:

  • Outside walls of houses/buildings – to remove dirt, grime, insect material and more
  • Fences and walls – Dirt, mould growth, moss and lichen
  • Brick paving areas – Dirt, mould growth, moss and lichen
  • Steps/stairs – Dirt, mould growth, moss and lichen
  • Garages – Dirt, most oil stains (as concrete is porous, some stains penetrate too deeply for full removal)
  • Driveways and footpaths
  • Awnings and pergolas
  • Many other surfaces

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The Process

As every property and client has different requirements, each job is assessed by our Technician and priced accordingly. We will visit the site and understand your needs so that we get it right.

We also determine the best setup for the job, the possibility of affecting any adjacent structures, appropriate pressures and various other technical concerns. If needed, you will be advised of any issues before the job commences.

Note: We only do premium work, so we don’t price match with cheaper, lower quality cleaners.

Effective outcomes

Because there are so many variables and different types of surfaces, sometimes, the final result cannot be known before beginning the job. You will be given information about probable outcomes before the job and updates either during or at the end of the job as needed.
For added peace of mind we have current comprehensive insurance policies and police clearances.

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Book Your Clean, it’s as easy as 1-2-3

Making it as simple as possible, we have an easy 3 step process to ensure the best experience and result possible:

1 Speak with our specialist about your requirements
2 We will provide you with a solution and a quote
3 Our premium cleaning specialists will come and work their magic

Call us with your requirements now for a quick response

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