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Stripping and sealing slate floor in Perth

Stripping and Sealing a Slate Floor is not a job to take lightly.

Most older Slate floors around Perth are sealed with Polyurethane, which oxidizes and yellows over time. It also is an absolute nightmare when it needs to be properly stripped off again.

The textured Slate surface and the grout lines strongly grip onto the old sealer. Although commercial stripping solutions and equipment can help, all too often, the only way to completely remove the Polyurethane is to spend many painful hours on your knees with a wire brush.


slate floor

In fact, it’s so difficult, that many people give up and simply re-coat over the top of the old sealer…and it never looks very good.

But proper preparation is Everything for great results, and my clients certainly appreciate the effort it takes when I can transform their old, dull, scratched floors into something they can be proud of again.

We do not apply Polyurethane sealers to these floors, but put down a minimum of 4 -5 coats of a Premium Acrylic sealer.

We can also supply clients with an excellent neutral floor cleaner concentrate to help with weekly cleaning.

slate tile care

slate tiles restoration perth

Professional Approach

Every job has its own unique challenges and requirements. This means that each job is individually assessed and a specific solution is created for those problems.
Marty, the PPCS Technician, has considerable training to deal with any issues present.
We are always clear, honest and ethical towards our clients and only environmentally friendly products are used.
Note: We ONLY do Premium work, so we don’t price match with cheaper, lower quality cleaners.

  • Once you book our services, the booking is put in our calendar for the requested day. We always try to arrive as close to the arranged time as possible, and will contact you if anything changes.
  • Because a proper floor clean involves multiple steps, it is simply not possible to move furniture items eg, tables, lounges, chairs etc around for the cleaning.
    If you wish to have the areas under them cleaned – please move them out of the way ahead of time. Also, if you can pick up all small items and store them away from the areas to be cleaned it would be appreciated.
  • Once we begin work, your place actually becomes a worksite, with hazards you may not understand. So, although you can be present if you wish, it is preferred if you can remain outside of our work area for your safety.
  • Pets can be alarmed by all the activity and noise and are best kept outside or taken for a walk during the process.
  • If possible, we like you to inspect the work at completion to make sure you are happy with everything.


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