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Tile and Grout cleaning satisfaction for both the client and ourselves is our goal.

Good outcomes require knowledge of flooring types and variations, soiling types and the appropriate chemistry to emulsify these.

The best equipment to flush off the suspended soiling and attention to detail are also important.

Results like these examples below are why our clients keep coming back to us again and again.


Professional Approach

Every job has its own unique challenges and requirements. This means that each job is individually assessed and a specific solution is created for those problems.
Marty, the PPCS Technician, has considerable training to deal with any issues present.
We are always clear, honest and ethical towards our clients and only environmentally friendly products are used.
Note: We ONLY do Premium work, so we don’t price match with cheaper, lower quality cleaners.

Our Tile and Grout Cleaning process includes the following eight steps

  1. Pre-cleaning inspection
  2. Vacuuming of the area
  3. Application of a specialised cleaning solution
  4. Agitation with brush or pad to loosen soiling
  5. High temperature and high pressure cleaning and extraction with powerful machine
  6. Dry mop of floors (if needed)
  7. Placement of our air-movers (if needed) to accelerate drying of your floors
  8. Post-cleaning inspection

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